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Fees and Disclosures

Deposit Account Fees
Wire Out $15.00
Wire Out -International $35.00
Wire Out -CU to CU Transfer $15.00
Nonsufficient Funds Share Draft $25.00 per item
Nonsufficient Deposited Funds $25.00
Stop payment $25.00
Copy of Share Draft $5.00
Transfer Fee $2.00
Credit Union Check Fee $2.00 per item max $10.00
Share Draft Account Fee $2.00 per mo
Dormant Account Fee-at 12 mo. dormant $1.00 per mo
Dormant Account Closing Fee at 5 yrs $25.00
Loan Account Fees
Application $20.00
Late Loan payment $15.00
Miscellaneous Fees
Photocopies $.10
Account Research $10.00/hour
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